** Contact

Retro Eco Chic 

Location: Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

~ To View or Purchase ~  

Call or Text: 604-323-3142

Email:  retroecochic@gmail.com


One thought on “** Contact

  1. Hi Shani,

    It was nice meeting you as well, I have been enjoying the high boy vintage dresser, it would look so good in so many different spots , still hard to find the perfect home. It truly is a statement piece and changes the look of the entire room. I have been following your blog and a few others and hoping to find a twin to this tall boy, or a desk or buffet\cabinet of some sort . It would be nice to expand the set, and get rid of some more clashy furniture
    Anyways I signed up to get future posts to check back and see what you have availabe ,
    Apologies for late reply, and thanks for hanging on to my little munchkin 🙂


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